My Labor Day Bull


The kid wanted to sleep in on this morning. Good for me, not so good for him... although go back to camp,so he could pack it out for me. The morning of Sep. 3rd hiked in early, got about a mile in before I heard the first songs of September. I could see couple bulls and cows, working in my direction. I got back into the timber, made my first set and began calling. Everything got quiet! I waited not sure of what had happened. Then I see the three horses and two guys coming up the trail. They continue past without seeing me, get about 150yds past me, dismount and start up chainsaws and begin cutting out the trail. So bummed! It is what it is... At that point I figured I'd cut a game trail a work the timber back down. A few hundred yards in I called. Bugle not a hundred yards away. I worked up around 60yds and came upon a wallow. Text book. I gave one more cow call. He followed with 4-5 bugles and came in. 27yds broadside.
Not many pics. Wasn't really thinking about pictures, do to my concerns of the hot temperatures and getting things packed asap.

Also a few pics of bucks I took today..


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It is wrapped around his neck, antler, and under the jaw. The warden came out to take a look, but figured he breaks um off rubbing or sparing. Rutting hard right now!