More Wy. Pictures


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Here are a few more WY. pictures several are of a nice big silver tip grizz, bull buff and my new wister camper and old faithfull going off.

A friend of mine scored my goat gross 89 net 85, what PMO is my 16" goat on one side is now 15 3/4 and will most likely shrink some more :smiley-yawn-pink:



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Man I have yet to see a griz, was he in the park?

No about 15mi from the entrance right by a closed for the winter campgrounds (clearwater) that's what makes it better not being a park bear, same with the buff they were about 1/2mi a part heading towards each other, I went back the next evening and spent 2hrs driving up and down the road and glassing I wonder if they met, when I first saw him I got out with the camera he stood up and looked at me trying toget the wind, I could not get the camera up fast enought to get a standing picture,

There was a sign at the entrance to this campgrounds NO TENTS OR SOFT SIDED TRAILERS I would say they might have some trouble there.

I tried to talk my wife into flushing that bear out for some better pictures :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign: she would have nothing to do with it what a chicken.
We saw a 2nd grizz with in the city limits or just outside of Cody on the Shoshone river he was about 1/2mi away (no pic) but heard later this bear had killed a 1/2 doz. or more cows and charged a few fisherman they were trying to catch him for about 2mo with no luck.