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Made one last tuna trip for the year and it was a good one. Jumped on the Mustang out of H & M landing, hate that landing, parking sucks. We got to tuna grounds about 4 AM and tried flat falls with no success. About 6 AM we got on a school of blue fin and the action started. I hooked and boated my only blue fin for the day, which was 50 lbs. +-.Then a large school of yellow fin, they were 25-85 lbs. I got four, all over twenty five largest being around thirty five. The boat got 107 yellow fin and 31 blue fin for 17 guys. We were on the same drift all day, which lasted until about 7:30 PM. We had a few messed up by a large Mako shark, Which the deck hands convinced it staying around the boat was not in his best interest. Very interesting to watch it latch on to a tuna that was on the gaff and about to clear the rail. he took one and f*&#ed up two more.