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Took my dad to Montana for his 1st big game hunt. Got up there Thursday night scouted around, saw one group with a decent buck.Headed out Friday morning. Immediately we find a solo buck, but hes not what we're looking for, so we pass him up.

About a hour later, we spot a group headed over a ridge. There looks to be a decent buck in the group. We put a stock on them, But that buck spotted us before dad could shoot.

Mid day we spot for does in a field. We slowly approach and spot a buck in a canyon below. We range the buck buck at 350 yd. Dad feels it's too far of a shot for him so I set up. I let the Remington 338 ultra mag fly and shot right over his back. He runs about 40 yards and looks back to mock me. I send another 250 grain psp his way and hear a "thwack" , but dad tells me I missed. I see him run behind a mound, and when he comes out the other side, he gets up on his back legs and does a back flip, lands on his head , and lights out! My first antelope ever is down. We get up to him and see he broke one of his prongs when he flipped. Found the broken piece, so hopefully it can be fixed when mounted. Awesome looking animals.

Had about 5 or 6 missed chances that afternoon and the next morning for dad, but didn't quite get the deal done. Early afternoon Sat we spot a buck bedded below a ridge about a mile away. Circle way behind him and crawl out on the ridge, putting him about 150 yards below us. He was feeding and had no idea we were there. Dad set up and nailed him. It was awesome to see my dad get his first big game. We were pumped.

Beautiful country, tons of wildlife, great memories. Already planning g to go back next year.