M&P Shield .40


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Local shop has the 9mm and .40 for $294 after the $75 rebate.

My question is, who has a .40 and what do you think about it?

Not for hunting, only for self protection. Looking to add to my personal protection arsenal which is currently dominated by wheel guns.


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I don't own a shield, but have had a few .40 cal pistols. While the 40 is a fine round, I have gone away from it for several reasons. Most people shoot the 9mm better, follow up shots are much more controlled, the rounds are cheaper and will always be available and ballistics are not much different. Many LE agencies are also going back to the 9. I have a Sig P320c in 10 day jail now to go with the Glock 43 for concealed carry. Your mileage may vary, try one in 40 at a range.


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I definitely am no expert on this or have I stayed in a holiday in express lately j/k.

But here is what made me choose the 40 over a 9.

We used to raise cattle one died my cousin had his 40 and 9 with him so we did a little experiment. Both were shooting the same ammo. Well there was no comparison with the damage the 40 did over the 9. Yes I know the 40 is bigger than a 9 to start with but for my house gun shooting down the hallway (which I pray no one ever has to do) I wanted a gun in which I felt would have more stopping power.


In my opinion...It's all about shot placement..1 to the chest area preferably center mass...Another to the head neck area..I prefer a good throat patch..Never had one get up and walk from a double tap..That being the case..40vs.9mm really is apples vs. Oranges..But I like oranges..


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I have the exact pistol in question ( in .40), and my buddy has the 9mm version, I have shot both.
FOR ME, I love this pistol. I carry it everyday, recoil is easily manageable with correct shooting techniques. The 9mm vs the 40 on recoil... It is a 3.1" barrel, either way you slice it, it is a short distance for the action to move and contain the power. The only issue that I have with this platform is that it is only a single stack mag, but that makes it easier as a concealed carry so the complaint is a small one. If you would like more detailed info shoot me your # in a pm and we can chat about it.


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I have shield in 40 and I'm not a fan, wish I would have got the 9. I stoped carrying it . I do like the how slim and easy it is to carry

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Good price. I agree with Hatchet that shot placement is key. That said, if you have the correct shooting fundamentals down you will be instantly back on target for your follow up shot with either caliber. 40 is snappier, but does have better take down power.


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I have the shield in a 40. Its my tent gun so I went with the 40 over the 9 more for shooting animals than people. Shoots a lot better than I thought, both on paper and recoil. Not bad at all but the trigger is a POS. But nice gun for the $.


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For that price buy both. I like the 9 round better.

My daughter bought the 9mm. I've put a few magazines through it. Really liked the gun. Haven't shot the .40.

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Just recently shot the S&W in both .40 and 9mm. I liked the 9mm better as I could keep more shots on target faster... but I also don't shoot handguns much so take that for what it is. The shields also had a really squishy trigger in my opinion... don't know if that was the guns fault or due to being used as a rental at a popular gun range.


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I have the .40 Shield and like it. The only negative I can say thus far is that it begins to hurt the hand after shooting 100+ rounds at the range. Not so much that you can't shoot but more of a discomfort. Oh and the magazine is really stiff and hard to load, but it might just need to be broken in more.