Love them Trains (some more)

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Since the last post in here was like 10 months ago (doesn't anybody take pictures anymore?) I thought I'd put up a few more...enjoy.

Amtrak NPCU (Non-Powered Cab Unit) number 90278 leads the way into the Irvine, CA station on a northbound Surfliner. NPCU 90278 was made from a former F40PH locomotive. The engine has been removed and the roll-up door on the side is so the former engine space can be used for cargo.

Southbound Amtrak Surfliner Engine 2119, an SC-44 arrives at Irvine, CA to pick up passengers. A northbound Surfliner in the background is picking up passengers.

Northbound Amtrak Surfliner pulling out of the Irvine, CA Station with engine 7, a P42DC pushing from the rear. Southbound Surfliner in the foreground is picking up passengers.

Southbound Surfliner is just about ready to pull out of the Irvine, CA Station as all passengers are aboard.

Northbound Metrolink 873, an F59PHR, pulling into the Irvine, CA station.


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I was raised by a train enthusiast. Used to walk the old right of ways for miles and miles when I was a kid with my old man. We used to go ride the old trains out at what used to be called the orange empire 'trolly' museam. Hope to get to see the steamer when she comes to cali.

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fish dog said:
We used to go ride the old trains out at what used to be called the orange empire 'trolly' museam.
It's still there...great museum.

...they are actually in the process of changing their name to Southern California Railway Museum because they have much more than the old Red Car trolleys there now.
Ya, I know! When I was kid we used to be able to enter all the trains in the barns and check everything out. Had a lot of variety even back then.


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I like trains too but don't know squat about them. I'm a bit more intrigued & impressed by the routes that were created for them. My son & I first hiked to this one a few years ago for his birthday. He loved trains as a kid & has always loved to explore so this hike was quite fulfilling.

Goat Canyon Trestle on what was nicknamed "The Impossible Railroad" due to the terrain it went through. The world's largest wooden train trestle which runs along the Carizzo Gorge in east San Diego County. I've been there twice now & look forward to going again. Saw some big horn sheep the first time as well. My first sighting of them ever.