Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad


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No one knows what to really do when you favorite hunting partner passes away. Relive in your mind the many moments you had together. Think back on all the great conversations you had when the skies where empty. Look at the lab left behind knowing how many hundreds of birds he brought to hand. Remember how proud he was seeing the joy on your face when you dropped your first bird. Thanking him for opening the outdoors to you. I've done them all as my dad passed peacefully in his sleep early this week. He hunted across the US, chasing ducks and deer in NY, pheasants, quail and rabbit in MD, ducks and geese in WI, even goat and dove in HI. Not to mention the hundreds of fishing trips he took his family on. A true sportsman. I will miss him and I will miss sharing the outdoors with him. Love ya, Dad.
And here I thought I was your favorite hunting partner Matt !! Lol !! Just trying to make ya smile !!!
Great words about your Pops, sorry I wasn’t able to meet him ; would have told him what a loser you are !! Lol !! Sounds like a good man !!!!
Julie and I are continuing to pray for you and your family !!! May God continue to watch over you all !!!