Last year hunting general tags in California


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Come to the point where I am going to put all focus on draw hunts after this season. Will be putting in for X zone hunts and interested in D17 since it only a few hours away from me. Anybody ever hunt D17? Seems like it would be great for rifle season. Not sure if I could do that desert heat during archery. Would be willing to backpack through the desert a few nights with a rifle. Get away from roads and trails. Any suggestions on that zone?


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Get topo maps...older the better.
Search for water sources, known and unknown.
Burn gallons of gasoline and wear out your boots.
Be aware of private property owners land.
Be aware of closed areas to vehicles, campgrounds, etc etc, no shoot zones.
It's a HUGE zone.
Only way to learn is to get out there and get familiar with it.


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Thats the plan for next spring while its still cool. Doing online research I've seen some areas to focus on. Def water is going to be key. Would north facing slopes be used as bedding areas in the desert?