Knight Vision .50 cal black powder


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Vision break action Max1

.50 caliber


Will ship at buyers expense

New in the box (never opened)

Comes with a box of goodies to get you started.

This is $350+sh on knights website.


I’ll open the box and take some pics for a serious buyer. It’s still sealed from the factory. There’s pics on Knights website.

Just doesn’t look like I will have the time to get into black powder.


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How about $250 plus shipping?

That’s $100 lower than buying it directly from Knight and this is still NIB sealed from the factory.


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So when I bought this I actually bought two thinking my son would be moving back to California once he got out of the Navy. Well, as usually happens he met a Southern Belle and got married. Looks like he will be living in Ladson South Carolina near Charleston.

I still don’t have time to dedicate to BP shooting so I’m going to sell this on too. Traded the one in the original post to a member of TOF.
If anybody’s interested message me.