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glass eye

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Some serious teeth !......and don't work too hard, nice to be able to hunt so close to home and work.

El Maton

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DAMN! Im sure the grizz tricks are bad ass but the dude doing the shooting has something to do with it. Congrats again :smiley-faces-toast-beers: SALU!


Damn right Andy..........I agree. I think the shooter may have something to do with those kill shots............ :smiley-wnk-yellow:


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We hunted the same stands four days earlier and managed a double. My buddy killed a nice boar and I killed an average sow. This area is pretty good but I wasn't very optimistic that we could pull it off again. I had a young boar (45 pounds) come in after about 2 hours in the stand. I didn't need to kill one that bad. Laughter and load talking from some nearby hikers scared him off after about 5 minutes. Another smaller boar came in 20 minutes later and stuck around about 10 minutes. Conditions were close to perfect and I was pretty confident bigger hogs would come in but it was down to the wire. With only a few minutes remaining I heard one coming in. He was crashing through the bamboo like he owned the place so I knew he would be big. I settled my pin and let it fly the second he gave me a broadside shot. The shot felt good but when it's close to last shot you just never really know. As soon as I made it down to the arrow it was very obvious he wouldn't be far.

My buddy shot about 30 minutes before me and met me at my stand. We followed a short 60 yard plentiful blood trail that actually went up hill the last 30 yards. He was nicely piled up in the bamboo.


I lifted the boar by one of his cutters to check out the other side and sliced my finger very deep, now we had 2 blood trails! We patched up my finger and got both hogs taken care of and in the truck by 10. I was finished butchering mine by 3AM and up for work at 6:30....ouch.