Jicarilla guides


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Well guys,
I tried to PM several members yesterday, but my computer skills are for S--t. :smiley-wnk-yellow:
Anyways, the Yort klan will be invading the Jicarilla res. this year with cow tags in hand for the 1st time.
Knowing I must hire a tribe guide, my question is.
Can anyone here suggest a particular guide I should try to contact?
Or should I just start making calls from the list of guides & find who is available to take on this nasty deed?

Thank you & carry on.


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Wish I could help Troy. Johnny and Corey used to cow hunt the Jic about 20 years ago. I'll see if they can remember a name, but don't hold your breath!


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Hunted with them last year Yort. Eldon and Lionel Tellamonte. Or however you spell it. Would recommend them in a second buddy. If there busy let them recommend a guide for you. They would be my first choice every single time. Hope this helps. Need any other help with the hunt just PM me.


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Thanks so much!
Just talked to Lionel & he has it all under control.
Nice guy! :smiley_10sign:


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Sorry for the lateness of our greatness, but its been awhile since I have found time to post.
So, yes! It was a fast & fun 1 day cow hunt on the Jicarilla Res. All tags were filled by the afternoon.

Here are the highlights:
IMG_7304.JPGYort Jr. trying his luck with a 785 yd score.

IMG_0969.jpegYort Jr with his 125 yd hit.

IMG_7329.jpegMiss Yort with her prize.

IMG_7311.JPGYours truely.

And then there was Yort's 2nd prize of the trip.
Dang it!! Last pic of my Royal Flush on Video poker will not open.

Anyways, its back to work.
Cheers, Yort


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How was the pack out?
I can not lie!
The best pack out job I’ve watched in sometime.