IV Flatty


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When I go back to visit friends in IN. we go over to lake Erie for walleye. they have a tendency to taste a little muddy. One of the locals told us to soak the fillet in milk overnight to get that taste out, Imagine my surprise when it worked. Give it a try with the cat fish.


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SaltonSeadog said:
We don’t eat those. They are more fun to catch. We eat channel cats around 20 inches long. Too much bigger and they start tasting muddy.
Here is a smaller one he got.
I bet if you trim the fat off it won't be as muddy.
Oops!! I thought this post was titled “ IV Fatty “ !!
Was expecting the prom queen from Niland !!
Chessie / Redneck Duckhunter you know the one I’m thinking of?? !!