Its awful quiet in the upland forum


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Got some running my proprerty every morning, I'll post up some dead ones just after grey light :D My have to go up on the CNF to finish a limit though Hopefully not!!!!!!


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I'm going to hunt with a serious Ground Sluicer... You know who I'm talking about?... No it's not ESS.


WooHoo, packed and ready to go!

Heading up towards Barstow area at 5:00 in the morning....hopefully on the Chukar by 7:30!!!!

My plan is to stay overnight and come home Sunday with a limit......Actually I am just happy to get out again and let the dog do his stuff. If I kill some birds it's just that much better.

I also plan to hit up a spot in Cajon Pass for some Quail on the way home...found a place while scouting late in the season last year that held birds. Hope they are still around... :smiley_prayin_ani:

Good luck all, and be safe.

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I am going out tomorow on the Cali side give the AZ. birds a rest . MapMan post some Chukar Pics


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We're waiting till Wed. to go out, We hope to miss the crouds for the opener, not that we nomaly have to fight off hunters where we hunt but, one never knows. I'll get back just in time to pack my bags and head out for a grouse hunt in No. Wis. While this is the 2nd year since the peak of the 10 year cycle, my brother was up two weeks ago and said the population is as good as he has seen it in many years, and he was out walleye fishing. :smiley-dancin-red: :smiley_prayin_ani:


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Good luck to everyone. I will be at work waiting for someone to post some pictures! Will be out after them on Sunday!