It’s almost elk time..


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Back in my Navy days ‘plug a cow’ had a completely different meaning.

Shout out to the San Dog sailors that visited The Westerner on the 14th and 29th of every month.

*also known as ‘goin hoggin’...


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Atta boy Tony.

Thick country up there. Is AS going along to be your Nanny so you and the missus can go do an "evening hunt"?


Slow first couple days in Wyoming. Three or four bulls sounded off on opening day. The only in counter was sitting down for lunch after I had called a few times. A rag 5x5 walked by at 10yds. Super cool, but not a opening day bull! Second day was quite! Saw one spike, three cows , and one grizz. Back at it Saturday.....


Had 3 large bulls within 150 yards at 1st light yesterday but no cows with them. I’ll head back up next week and see if I can get another opportunity.CF1D2AF5-BCF6-4020-9717-2719679072B3.jpeg