Is TOF dead?


Haven't been on this board in a while. Thought I'd take a look, for old times' sake. Blacktail deer, upland birds, etc. - pretty dead. Everyone move to FB? (I never use FB...)


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Unfortunately I get the most interaction on FB. Not my preferred means and there’s really no connections with people, just pages.

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Well, if you look around here I'd say yes. I don't know what is causing it. I'm sure people are still hunting but nobody is putting in any reports anymore. Just a quick look at just the Hunting Reports & Discussion section reveals the following:

Big Game - last post 12/13/20
Blacktail and Mule Deer - last post 12/14/20
Coues & Whitetail - last post 1/22/20 > 1 year
Elk - last post 9/25/20
Upland - last post 10/30/20
Waterfowl - last post 2/4/21
Pronghorn & Oryx - last post 9/19/18 > 2 years
Small Game & Trapping - 9/4/20 (a post about dove that probably should have been in upland) before that last post was 7/30/20
Hogs & Javalina - 11/9/20
Turkey - 12/15/20
Varment & Preditor - 11/9/20
Junior Hunters - 3/28/20
Backpack Hunting - 8/29/19 > 1 year
Bear Hunting - 2/1/21 but only because of SB252 - before that 9/6/20
Exotic - 3/4/20

A lot of these "last posts" are actually answers or comments to the OP which means the actual posted report was even further back.

Is everyone afraid their super-secret spot is going to get burned if they post something? Hell, the upland section's last post was 13 days after quail started, still had 93 days to go in quail season at that point. Three of the sections haven't had a post in over a year, one of these over two years. Only the waterfowl and bear sections have had any post this year so far and the bear section only got one because of SB252 the banning bear hunting law that was proposed.

(and before anyone points out that I haven't posted much of anything, I wish I could have but medical problems (non-COVID) have kept me out of the field this year).


New posts are dead. Most of the traffic is old posts. I'm guilty of being on Facebook as well. Why we support the enemy I don't get. FB moderates all harvesting and firearms. Lame.


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FB, Twitter and all social media platforms are the worst thing that has ever happened. Nothing but lies, attacks and misinformation. I only know this because that's all I hear from people I know who follow those mindless platforms.


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I wouldn't say they/we've jumped ship, it's just a progression to different media. Social and when I say that I'm referring to IG is instant feedback, far easier to navigate through and more accessible. I'm surprised FB is even mentioned, thought that was just for old people and tweens.

I do enjoy jumping on here and seeing how many spam posts I can count.


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I've tried but seems like very few if any, post any more. Many of the members here have migrated to SCH. They are still posting, just not here. I really liked this place and the community. Many local guys here with a lot in common.


I have a few tricks I've learned from running other communities for bringing traffic back. I know right now is the off-season but I'll start implementing them and see if we can give the ol' site a bump.


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The folks who ruin sites like this move on when there is no one to bully. They can’t enjoy it anymore so they move to the next.
If you can’t post anything without someone making fun of it, you tend to withdraw.
I’m not on any other forum, and I quit messing with Facebook six months ago, and life sucks less without that.
I seldom look here anymore at all.


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PLUS, being directly threatened by a incompetent, egomaniacal, POS who works for the communist state of California kind of turned me sour as well.

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PLUS, being directly threatened by a incompetent, egomaniacal, POS who works for the communist state of California kind of turned me sour as well.
I know that youve been member here alot longer than myself. Did you ever mention to any of the sites moderators about being bothered? I would think they would do something to nip that $h!t in the bud. Come to think of it though, these are the people i dont see around here much if at all anymore.