I'm I just overly suspicious or what?

fish dog

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Okaaaaaay...just got back from voting at the local "voting center". For those of you that haven't yet here's how it goes this year. You check-in, they verify your info (on your word - no ID check), and they print you a ballot. The ballot is a kind of old-fashioned paper ballot that you mark your choices on with a marking pen. The last step is you take this paper ballot and scan it into a machine, which I assume is hooked up to a computer somewhere. Once it "successfully records" your votes a flag flashes on the screen and it says something like congratulations, you voted. The machine keeps your marked ballot. There is no, zero, nada, zilch VERIFICATION that this "scanning machine" recorded the votes that you marked...NONE! For all I know this thing had me voting for Hilary Clinton and yes on 13. I asked the woman working there where the verification was and she said that it says it recorded your vote. I asked how do I know it recorded what I picked correctly? Why wasn't that reflected on the screen? The excuse was, "Because your vote is private." This is the excuse even though there are screens all around the scanning machine just like the voting booth we just left where we marked our ballots. So this thing could have me voting straight democrat or maybe it's just a quiet mode shredder that I stuck my ballot into and someone else will decide how I voted later.

Did you ever get the feeling you've been transported to a communist country overnight while you were sleeping?