If Wister cancels sweatline for 2020-2021 what will you do?


Talk of not having a sweatline due to coronavirus? I've seen it all over social media and other sites.
What would you do if that happens and you don't have a reservation?
How quick will the 3 open slots at my club fill if they announce it? :D


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Have people sign up and then text the people who are drawn out of the hat. Seems the same amount of contact as filling resses.


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One way or another, they will need the names of everyone hunting on each blind site. The cards they use for blinds chosen with a reservation & those from the sweatline are the same. They are touched by staff & by everyone who writes their names on the cards. There is zero reason to eliminate the sweatline for this purpose other than limiting the number of people that would show up. They aren't going to be able to control the amount of contact people have while hunting. The only reason to restrict contact would be to protect the dfw employees. If that's the basis for limiting or eliminating access (reservation holder or not), then they damn well better come up with a system to allow access to all. They still need to issue permit cards too. Again, touched by them, then touched by the hunter, then turned back in to them.

Not that I'm proposing it but I can see some kind of App for this in the future. Doubtful they could pull that off before the season though.
Staff wearing latex gloves would solve a lot of the contact problem. Online card forms that could be filled out on a phone might be another option