I did it... RETIRED!!!

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well after I posted this I was supposed to have a good story to post about.... was going offroading for a few days, but my wife was having some side craps that got pretty bad, so I told her we are going to the middle of nowhere, you better go get check out before we go, so she did. she went in at 10 am for her appointment on Valentine's day, I get a call from her saying she has to have emergency surgery,
I take off for the emergency room as I get there their taking back to prep for taking her appendix out, but they did have to do a CT scan before they started surgery to make sure it was not leaking, the good news it was not leaking.... bad news between the CT scan and surgery the appendix burst and a simple surgery just went to a fight her from getting an infection... they cleaned her out, but had to move all her inners around. we were stuck in the hospital for a few days. good news she is healing well, the pain is getting less and finally getting to a point that she getting around better and the pain is finally subsiding.
Holy crap! A burst appendix is no joke! Glad to hear she's on the up and up.

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My brother's appendix burst while he was in the ER waiting room. Busy night, so they couldn't get to him. He wound up spending ten days in the hospital because of the burst.