Hunt invite from a vendor


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So one of my vendors has a duck blind in the Sacramento Valley and told me to hit him up when I wanted to go. Sounded like last year was not all that great, but I wanted to give it a try since I've never really had many Waterfowl hunts out of a blind. I may only have one chance, so what is my best bet for picking a good day when the birds are moving?

I've decided since my big game pursuits out of state are on hiatus, I should make the most of these opportunities.



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Guess that doesn't matter. Here's the deal.............flooded rice seems to be the most consistent during south wind events which I personally do not prefer. If he's got a bunch of money and in a natural club it's hard to say different areas hunt better in different conditions. If you are picking one day at this point I'd either pick a day in December or January with the least amount of moon possible.


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Sometime in the first week of December looks good on the moon phase. If you wait too long, depending on the area (especially the rice), and the bypasses flood, the ducks disappear.