HR 6006/S. 3348: Republicans Conspiring With Democrats To Institute Searchable, National Electronic Gun Registry


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Nov 4, 2019
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California, United States
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What would H.R. 6006/S. 3348 do?

  • Makes information you enter on ATF Form 4473 searchable via computer
  • Does an "end run" around the current federal ban on compiling a "searchable" gun registry
  • Makes any Form 4473 hard copy information the ATF has, or will acquire electronically searchable
  • Enables the federal government to access and search gun owner information from state and local governments
  • Advances the gun banner end goal of implementing a registry of all gun owners and each firearm you've purchased
  • Will make it more feasible for H.R. 5917 and S. 3299 (info below) to be immediately usable when passed, as all of the records would then be eligible to be electronically searchable
After implementing H.R. 6006/S. 3348, the second phase for the anti-gun groups would then be passing H.R. 5917/S. 3299, which would do the following:

  • Repeals what is commonly referred to as the "Tiahrt Amendment"
  • Eliminates the mandate that your information be destroyed/deleted after the FBI's National Instant Check System (NICS) approves your gun background check
  • Makes you and gun dealers more easily targeted, doxxed, and sued by billionaire-funded gun ban groups
  • Repeals the limitations on mandatory audits of firearms retailers
  • Makes it easier to gain your personal firearm information via yearly audit, or via NICS
Here's what these measures won't do:

  • Does not implement any security procedures or safety measures to protect privacy
  • Does not require a warrant or court order to search for, or attain your personal information and data
  • Does not prevent your 4473 information from firearms you've already purchased from being included in the new database
  • Will not protect any of your information
  • Will not protect you or gun shops you patronize from lawsuits or from being doxxed