Homemade fishing light.


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Here's a light we made to use when we are fishing off our pier down on the bay. I tilt it down so that it shines in the water and the bait fish come a runnin and we all know what happens when you get bait fish. It's made from a light that was a left over when the field that my son used to play ball at replaced the old light with new ones. Had an electrician freind wire it up for me in exchange for some beer and fishing. Got the cart from Home Depot and wala. Protable flood light. :smiley-2drunks-singing: The Reds and Sandies love the buffet we set out for them with this thing. :smiley-devil:



"So this dyslexic alcoholic walked into a bra.....
Very cool BZZ !

One of my favorite places to plug for Stripers in Discovery Bay near the Harbor durring Christmas when everyone has the lights on their house and docks.

In this last pic you can see all the houses on the water ~~~> http://www.discoverybayyachtharbor.com/pages/photos_1.htm

The threadfin shad are sort of "locked" as it is the end of the bays and in the cleanest water.

Game on on anytype of plug you toss !! :smiley-2drunks-singing:

Next month will be the hottest Crappie action inside/under the covered berths