Hiker Attacked by Rabid Coyote in Georgia


Will be interesting to see if the coyote really was rabid, can't be reported as Rabid without proof; they hadn't got results back yet. Still almost dieing from a vaccine taken (just in case) the coyote is rabid; is pretty ironic. I really haven't read about any cases of Rabid Coyotes, in many years, I know they got Raccoons and skunks back south that do carry rabies, and we have bats; but the last case I read of a Coyote was ~10-15yrs. ago and that animal was from Mexico. Still I have read that they have an ever increasing population of coyotes back east, some of which interbreeding with wolves, only a matter of time before large population of predators attacks someone.
They can make a pretty good inference by the animal's behavior but the description in the article is ambiguous, but if you get bit by a an animal that can have rabies, you are going to get the shot(s) no matter what because once symptoms appear its pretty much always fatal. I think the window is 48 hours.

If it wasn't rabid, it might have had pups nearby. Its that time of year.


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Rabies can also and are carried by ground squirrels. Something to think about when you decide to pick them up.