Has anyone ever tried tea-smoking game?


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I don't have space for a smoker but have seen and read of tea-smoking meat in the kitchen, anyone tried it?

I may try it soon.


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"tea-smoking game" is that anything like tea bagging? :smiley_rotflmao:

In all seriousness, I have not heard of tea-smoking meat. I just couldn't pass up the joke.


Heard of it and seen a gal do it with some pork butts on diners drive ins and dives....should be able to Google it hell everything on google...


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Rough crowd!

I can't believe I am getting crap for cooking legit wild game, carpaccio is awesome. Figured you ckn fckrs would appreciate something new. Stroganoff, burgers, stews, soups, and the like only do so much.

Thanks 2rocky, I'd love to have a bradley but can't where I am at right now.


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Never smoked tea but a home made stove top smokers is easy to make and works pretty good just use a cast iron skillet and dry wood chips you only need a small amount of smoke to add flavor.