Handguns and lead ammo on person while deer hunting


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Can you legally carry handgun on your person (self defence) while deer hunting, even though that handgun uses lead ammuntion ?
Seems this would say a-okay.

A: CCR, Title 14 section 250.1(c) provides, “Nothing in this section is intended to prohibit the possession of concealable firearms containing lead ammunition, provided that the firearm is possessed for personal protection and is not used to take or assist in the take of wildlife.” With the exception of ammunition for concealable firearms possessed for personal protection, hunters may not possess lead ammunition along with a firearm capable of firing that ammunition when nonlead ammunition is required.


If you are hunting..you cant have lead ammo on you regardless...that condor could swoop down at any moment and peck you to death thus redering you helpless..he then would indest the lead ammo you have on your warm lifeless corpse..your next of kin would be ticketed for endangering the condor. Give that some thought.


Oh..and if you are "hunting" read the part about hunters not being to posess lead ammunition while hunting with a firearn capable of firing said ammunition,you could try to argue that you are not hunting with said handgun, but that would be futile..my suggestion would be that if you deem it necessary to pack a handgun,pack it with copper.Long live the condor.

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I'd have to find it, which I don't have time to at the moment, but I read the code not long ago, and you can carry lead ammo in your self protection side arm while hunting. (Not during archery of course) I remember, cause I found that out after I purchased lead free. :smiley-yakkin-pink:
If I can free up some time and find it, I'll post it.


Put copper in the handgun you never know when you will be with in 10 yards of a deer and instead of wasting meat blowing up the side of the deer - you can pluck him with the handgun not the 7 mm -


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A little off topic... they are trying to get a lead ban here in the Kaibab because they transplanted a few California Condors there. Of course they are only asking for the Kaibab... we all know how that goes. I think F&G is drinking the Kool Aid. Arizona sportsman have a stronger voice.... we'll see where this goes. Ed F