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I am looking to put the wife and I through some shooting classes from a professional. I have hunted with long guns for 44 years, but never got into pistols much. I would like to be schooled on using a pistol, for accuracy, but also in some tactical usage. Can you recommend anyone in the LA/OC area???


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Insight shooting range in Artesia offers shooting classes. East of 605 No. of 91 freeways. They have lots of handguns you came use to give you an idea what you like the best. They also have eye and ear protection for your use if you don't have your own.The have info. on line.


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From a wifes point of view:

I just finished my handgun safety course at Rahauges, in Corona. My take on it was that it was a really good class. But I had a few problems too, it did not cover enough basics for me assuming that someone has never even seen a handgun( I have), start by going over the weapon and learn the parts ( they did this when I learned shotgun safety) Out on the range it was very fast paced and I finally gave up after shooting maybe 50 rounds ( of 150) because my hands have very bad arthritis and I have to move slower to feel safe. Overall I'm glad I took it, I learned how to fire the handgun we keep at home, learned California Laws and got down some basics. But I feel like I need another course or two to follow up. By the way Cal has some of the dumbest laws I have ever heard.

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I realize you said you were looking for training in the LA, OC, area, but if you were willing to travel to the las Vegas area, the 'Front Sight' firearms training organization has execelent beginner handgun courses. I'm guessing there are plenty of members on this forum who could offer you FREE handgun courses through their memberships for you and your wife to try. I am a member but personally don't have any to offer. If you are interested I can get them for you though through a friend.


There's a training company that leases space at our gun club, West End Gun Club. Don't know anything about them other then what is on their website: topguntrainingcentre.com


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Another idea is take a basic safety class and then join IPSC or IDPA and just range time with the weapon. They are tactical paper poppers but you can get to know people that take it seriously and figure out where they went, etc.