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Any feed back you guys have for me on the brand "Bersa" ? There is a Bersa 380 on sale this week that we are looking at and I never heard of that brand. If ya'll could Let me know if there are any red flags to not buy it. Thx Linda


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Don't think you can buy the Bersa 380 from any retailers here in California. Its not on the DOJ approved list.


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That's what I thought but Turners has one in their ad this week. Could be for Law enforcement only.


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The Bersa's are a bottom end gun, IMO. That doesn't mean cheaper made, but may not be the best quality. Something like a discount Walther PPK.

Are you looking for a small, inexpensive handgun?


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We are looking for a small handgun, w/girl friendly grip. I have looked at 380 a lot , but every time I find one they say not available in Cal or not on DOJ approved list. This gun at Turners is a Bersa 380 ( I figured it was not a top brand because it was pretty cheap) and my Husband bought it yesterday. It was only 299. Just wondering if anyone had any problems with the brand. Overall, it will be for home defense. Hopefully I wont have to use it for that but we wanted something that was easy to keep in the bedroom, with a grip that was comfortable for both of us.


It was the only gun to fit my hand so I bought it about 5yrs. ago. No problems with it, makes a pretty big hole. I'm not sure it's the most accurate gun (that could be me ;)), it kicks pretty good (but handguns usually do). Make sure to watch your thumb placement when using a 2 handed grip, otherwise the hammer will bust your thumb ;).


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DW.. I have no idea what is approved and not approved out there.. but if you are looking for a small handgun you can look at a number of the .380's that are out there or also look at some of micro 9mm that are on the market..

Ruger LC9/Beretta Nano/Sig Sauer P938/S&W Shield

There are others as well.. Keltec, Kahr, Kimber, etc....
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Just curious.. why is it not approved for CA?
They didn't pay the ransom. Its all right here: http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/ Calguns.net covers this stuff pretty well if you're interested.

The micro 9's bark and bite pretty heavy, especially for some women. For a .380 I like the PPK (have one), SIG 230 or 232. Given what's available here new, I'd buy used.


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. I have the M&P Shield in 40 cal. It fits my hand with the extended mag and the wifes with the standard mag. The thing has a lower recoil than my XD 9mm