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Dec 9, 2005
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Guzzler repair for Nov 17, 18, 19, 20, 2006

Mojave National Preserve

Landfair Valley, Grotto Hills

We had 19 guys at this project. Friday morning when I showed up at the camp site around 10:30, I was informed by Jerry McDonnell, owner of the 40 acres, that we already had three volunteers working on the B-58 guzzler. I turned the trailer around and headed for the work site. When I arrived, Bud, Dick, and Stan were chipping away at the tar that covered the guzzler. We unloaded the power tools and by 2 pm we had about 1/2 of the guzzler mortared and headed back to the camp site.

The volunteers started to show up Friday evening and by the next morning, we had enough for two crews. Gary Thomas took a crew to guzzler B-55 and I took a crew back to B-58. By noon we had both guzzlers mortared and had applied one coat of Merlex. When we arrived back at the camp site, two trucks showed up from Needles with 350 gals of water to replenish what we had used and then dumped the rest into the local guzzlers. Around 2:30 pm, we headed back out to apply the second coat of Merlex.

Several volunteers could only stay until Saturday night, Sunday morning and had to return home so this left us with six guys to finish guzzler B-61. It is a little tough with only six guys, but Gary Thomas and Joe Steinmetz were already on the guzzler chipping off the tar by 6:30 am Sunday morning. I arrived around 8 am with three more volunteers and by 12:30 we were finished with the first coat of Merlex and headed back to camp. We went back to B-61 around 3 pm and applied the second coat of Merlex. The crew filled each guzzler to capacity with water plus each one received a tortoise ramp.

Thanks goes out to all the volunteers and a special thanks to Jerry and Neal for allowing us to camp on their property. The camp site was fantastic, level, plenty of room and easy access, plus thanks to Nick for the hunting gear he donated which was given away to the volunteers on Saturday night.

The next project will be Dec 8th, 9th, and 10th, same location. We have two cooks that will furnish dinner on Friday and Saturday and breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Please bring your own silverware and plate. Come on out and enjoy the fellowship and we will have more hunting gear to give away. Bring your trailer and/or motorhome, tent and come help with the last project of the year. I will be at the camp site by 11:00 am on Friday.

Where: From Goffs go North about 15 miles on Landfair road to Cedar Canyon Road. Go 6/10th {six tenths} of a mile past Cedar Canyon Road, on your left will be a gate with a PVC pipe with top painted red. Go thru gate about three or four hundred yards to the camp site. You do not need four wheel drive.

We have forty acres to camp on with limited facilities. Bring lots of water and some firewood. All tools and materials will be at the camp site, but if some of you could bring one 60 lb bag of mortar or ready mix concrete, this would help out greatly. Please let me know.

A pet is ok at the camp site but please, NO PETS are allowed at the work site. We will have one central fire, no other fires will be allowed on the property, cook stoves are ok to use.

The next project will be sometime towards the end of March, first of April, 2007.

Cliff McDonald

[email protected]


Please let me know if you plan to attend this Dec project.