Grizz Digs Black Bear Cubs Out of Den and Eats One

fish dog

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One of those cute, cuddly little Grizzly Bears is caught on tape digging open a Black Bear den and then, apparently, chases one of the cubs down and eats it. At 5:52 you can catch just a glimpse of the cub exiting the den and the Grizz goes in pursuit. A few seconds later mom and the other two cubs can be seen exiting and running in the opposite direction. Just judging by the cub's screams at the end of the video I believe the Grizzly caught him. Nature on full display here. NOT a Disney movie.


One life don't BLOW IT!
Didn't sound like he killed the cub but I'm sure he waited it out.

That was a big griz and he was hungry


One life don't BLOW IT!
Gotta give that cub some credit he bite that griz a few times to make him jump back only to go deeper for the cub.

The ear spread on that griz along with that hump tells ya he's top of the food chain.

I say bring back the griz to the Santa Ana river bed..... Newport Beach could use a new reality star! Lord knows the sea lions need a new predator