Got it done, with youngster in tow!


Day 1
Sep 1st. Probably the most exciting day elk hunting I've ever had! Passed on 5 small rags and 30+ cows under 40yds. Every direction I walked, I'd get into them.... and I'd always see them before they'd see me. Rarely seems to work like that!
I had a lot of encounters over the next couple weeks. Too many to bore you with! Passed on 8 bulls before it came down to my last weekend. I never thought I'd ever pass on any elk, but it got surprisingly easier after the first couple.
Day 13
I let my younger son ( 10yrs old ) play hooky this last Friday! He wanted to come with, sooo bad! We all know it can make things much more difficult! He needed a job, and that was holding and settling up the Montana Decoy.
Day 14
Went down a couple miles away from camp. Parked and before leaving the truck we could hear bugling. We worked only a couple hundred yards and we heard a wolf howling. It was a couple hundred yards in front of us! Then they all sounded off, 7-8 of um on three sides of us. Within 50-100 yds! Grey light, hard to see, we just sat and waited for things to play out. Needless to say the elk stopped talking and our day was over early! Never saw any of the wolves! But it was cool hearing the way they were working the canyon. 50-100 a part from each other, from one ridge to the other. And that long deep howl every 10 minutes just to find each other.
Day 15
Working up a new canyon about 8:00am we herd what we're looking for. Three bulls bugling! We worked up a little closer and set up! I put my son at the end of the meadow next to a small tree with the decoy. I went off to the side, where I'd have more cover to draw. It took around 20min for one of them to come out! It couldn't have been more perfect! The bull came out almost 200yds down from us, so we could see him coming. Coming right to the decoy! He could see it, and wanted it! I stopped him at 32 yds with a soft cow call. Quartering towards, right front leg back, I put it just in front of his shoulder.....
Pretty sure that my youngest is also going to be a archery hunter!
The next day(yesterday)packing consisted of 6" of snow and lots of bear tracks....



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Congrats! That picture of your son is spectacular, pure joy being with dad!


Probably be one of the best memories both of you have. Enjoy those years and get him out there with you as much as you can. Nothing like it.


that is so bitchen nothing better than taking a great animal like that and with your son in tow......... that's a 10 in my book, congratulations