Foggy drippy morning


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I'll bet the Azone bucks are all in love right about now...Cool foggy morning after all the heat....Wish I was out there with a tag about now....

Picture from October 2009..



Road Trip!
Was dropping some meat off at a local processor this morning...Local bucks were hitting the ground in a big way!


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Usually see some dumb forkies chasing on my way to work when the marine layer is present.

heard road hunting the opener (D zone) has been good.


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Atta boy Slinger! the smile whitening Instagram ProStaff offers gotta be pouring in! I saw that buck and another all over the'gram. Just need to show a little more cleavage and get the brim a lil flatter....


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Thanks all! Wish posting pic was easier, me and old Goindeep did the 1-2-3-shoot and his is much older than mine. Put down a pair of good bucks. Wishing all a good season, I'm going back for more soon.