Fish vacuum sealer


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I'm looking for a vacuum sealer for fish but I've heard people have problems with the typical kitchen sealers having trouble sealing fish because they suck up water and either don't work or can't seal the bag. I'm looking at this fish and game vacuum sealer which seems like it will get the job done. Most guys say you're supposed to freeze the fish before you seal it but I don't want to have to waste a bunch of time doing that


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I've never heard anything that you have mentioned so I find this post interesting. Maybe others will chime in.

As far as vacuum sealers go, I have owned food saver brand and thought they were ok. I currently own a Lem sealer that is great!

I never freeze anything before I vacuum seal it.

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I have an old Kenmore sealer and another one that's even older, but I forget the brand. Both have separate settings for wet and dry sealing, and I have never had any problems with getting a good seal. I do always double seal (two lines) just to be sure. Best place to buy bags in large quantities seems to be Amazon. Good selection of sizes and quantities, commercial stuff in a plain brown box so you're not paying for advertising and shelf space.


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I find the best way to seal anything that contains a lot of moisture is to put it on a plate spread out then in the refrigerator for a while, time depending on how much you have. The cold air will dry out what ever it is. Just don't leave it in there to long. Another thing I do is double seal both ends of bag.
I have had a Food Saver for years and it works great. There are lots of them out there now. Check out Amazon or Walmart. I agree with GDL, the main thing is the outside of the fish should be dry. I pat down with paper towels.