First Compound Advice


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I’ve been shooting a recurve and learning for the past year, and I’m now interested in getting a compound. I’ve had a shop suggest a bow with a draw length that’s adjustable to 31”. Is that draw length standard? Most I see online say adjustable to 30”. Definitely looking for a good deal on a quality but affordable bow. Thanks!


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Unless you are a gorilla or a very tall guy with long arms, 31" would be a push. YouTube how to measure your draw length and that would be where I would start.

Best advice for a beginner is to go to a shop that knows what they are doing. Shoot some bows in your price range and they will get your draw length set perfect and you will have a lot less headaches then trying to do it all DIY


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Take JNDEER's advice. Most guys start with too long of draw length. With a bent bow arm and D loop your draw length will be shortened. Ed F