I found some good videos of how to Gutless Field Dressing an elk and how to Quarter up an elk.

one guy is fast and the other is slow, but watch them both of them as they both have little different techniques that you can add to your style of field dressing.

I know I am always looking for a better and faster way. and for you new guys it will show you ware to start. how you should angel your knife, what you want to be careful of.

every year before I go on my elk hunt I watch as many of these videos as I can.
I find that one there is always something that I pick up from one of them and anything that helps me do my job faster and more efficient I am all over it.

Hope these help you learn how to field dress your elk, and for those of you that already know how, you just might pick up idea or 2.

Happy harvesting,

http://youtu.be/WZsO4tsrKPw Part 1
http://youtu.be/NXuOq4jz34A Part 2

http://youtu.be/X4kJIrW1IDM this guys does the JOB under 10 min.


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Or on the steep side of the mountain........after deboning a quarter this guy slide into dead fall and by the time I was done he had slide a 100 yards all 10 yards at a time I had shit all over the hill


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Hell,It takes me longer in good weather....but it works.
Only time I don't is when truck access is easy.
Then it's gut and load to hang.
Good refresher,thanks.


Is there any other way?

So rare to get an elk back home whole. Cant imagine gutting an elk, unless you just really like liver, kidneys and heart.

I have taken out those organs after I was done doing it gutless just because someone I knew wanted them (besides my dogs) and I still go gutless just because it is a cleaner way to do things.

Scott, good to see you back.


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Just read where some guy killed a moose and took 9 1/2 hours dragging it with a dead man, a winch and a marine battery 300 yards and it STILL took another guy to help him load it...

LINK to the POST

I was hunting by my self when I was able to connect on my cow moose yesterday morning about 7:45 am. She was on the edge of my boundary. She was out side the range of my wanted head shot so I hit her through the lungs. She went about 15 yards and started blowing out her noose and turned went about 20 yards and went down. The 125 grain N ballistic tip from my 30-30 AI had done the job. 9.5 hours and 300+ yards later I had her about 50 yards from the truck when a friend showed up. To say I was happy to have help loading her is an understatement. A 63 year old man by himself and a 5 year old dry cow is a challenging match up. She was loaded whole. How??? I used a battery powered potable winch and moved her 30 feet at a time, by using a large bar I drove in the ground. The truly hard part was packing the 80Lb marine 12volt battery back and forth from the truck to the moose across a creek and up and down a hill. I do have a couple pictures when I got her to the truck and will post later.


I new a guy in new mexico that drove a tractor up to an elk...loaded it in the back of a Toyota..and off they went to the walk in cooler and skinning facility..true story..that's my kinda hunt right there!!


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There are trophy elk and then there are trophy kill sites. DRT where you can get to it with the tractor is B&C fer shure....