With most feedlots shut down to dove hunting in Imperial Valley I’ve had to hunt a little harder and find the routes the Eurasian collared dove are taking to said posted off-limits feeding grounds.
Both my kids are going through the hunter safety program right now and I’m anxious to get them out with me. To slow the birds down and keep my kids involved in the hunt I decided to dove decoy up.
In the past, I have noticed that the morning and turtle dove sitting on power lines get pushed out by euro dove but if it’s euros sitting on the power lines then it’s pure Eurasian collared dove that comes to join them.
Cabelas has dove decoys on sale right now.
To make a Eurasian collared dove hunting decoy is pretty simple. Had the kids tape off the beak, tips of the wings and tail that are already black.
DIY Eurasian Dove Hunting Decoy
Then let them spray them out the dove decoys 2 coats and a flip.
Dove Decoy Paint

Let the now non-binary trans Eurasian collared dove decoy blanks dry.

Eurasian Dove Decoys

Kids took sharpies to them and colored the eyes and drew the collar on the dove decoys.

DIY Dove Decoys
Eurasian Dove Decoy

I hung them on the dove line to dry out further (can tell the paint is wet as it's still shiny). For shits and giggles I put up the dove spinner as the Eurasian collared doves around my house started piling up on the overhead lines watching what was going on.
Dove Hunting Decoy Line

The kids started counting the dove watching the spinner and pointed out how many were flying by. The dove line is too close to anything and in the shade so I thought they wouldn’t land on it. 5’ away a hawk pounced the spinner! Now the kids want to set up the dove line in a better spot to enjoy the show...