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Anyone have a good recipe for cooking heart? I'm thinking about slicing it and breading it. I have a chunk of liver to cook so I think I'm going to just do both at the same time. Anyone have a different way? Something to make the kids eat it to?

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Brine the heart overnight in salt water if you haven't already done that, then rinse and slice into thin strips. Brine it again in a large can of jalapenos en escabeche with the carrots and onions that are already in the can. Leave it in that brine for at least four hours or overnight if you like spicy, then drain the meat (toss the peppers and veggies) and put small batches of the meat in a very hot skillet, brown it up with onions and more peppers and a little garlic for tacos and fajitas.

Or you can make Korean bulgogi bbq tacos, but that's a lot more work.


In order to truly be one with the wapiti....one must consume the life force of the wapiti..that being the heart..that being said..fillet heart..do so into strips if you desire...or just open up, place in frying pan with olive oil and whatever seasoning your pallet desires..low and slow...the boys and lloyd..prefer it medium rare...I myself always thought heart and liver always tasted better in camp the night of the kill...but have soaked one or 2 over the years.... overnight in the fridge and they are pretty damn good also.


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Ended up cooking the heart and ribs. The ribs were pretty bad but the heart was awesome. Sliced it, breaded and fried it. Never cut open a heart before and I was pretty shocked on how it looked. Looked like backstrap meat! The wife and kids didn't even want to try it, but ended up eating it all.


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Lately I have been removing rib meat and flank in one hunk in the field.

Cut slits on each side of rib from inside or ribs, then filet out bones. Really only took about 20 mins and you end with boneless slabs to smoke and make into sausage or I am going to try some game pancetta soon...