Dove report


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I took my 12 year old grandson on his first dove hunt and he did real good for someone who had had very little practice. first morning he ended with 9 and 6 six that afternoon. Second morning the birds were far fewer but he managed 4. I spent a lot of time with him helping him along and correcting any mistakes he was making and always preaching safety. He went on his first rabbit hunt just a few weeks ago and bagged the first three he shot at. He ended that trip with 14. He was shooting my Ruger 10-22 and my Browning lever action .22, he seemed more at home with the Ruger. the dove hunt he used my Ruger Red Label 20 gauge, which fits him better than my 870 I was going to have him use, he was having a little problem with the racking the next round and loading the gun. Next time out I'll let him practice with it and see how that goes. He loves being out hunting and seeing the various wildlife and learning their habits .


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Way to go guys!

I got out yesterday despite the temps. Actually didn't feel as bad as I expected. Heck, its just as hot west if the mountains. Should have stayed & huntoday. day. Got a limit plus 6 euros.