Did it again


You guys need to check out Into the Depths sport fishing... they run boats out of San Diego.. 4-packs. They are killing big Blue fin like they are mesquites!!! Last week they had a few over 300lbs!!!!
And again. This time on the Aztec out of seaforth landing San Deigo. We did not reach limits due to an early departure from tuna grounds. The boat lost the cooling water pump for the generator which runs, amoung other things the bait tank water pump, no pump = no bait. It also runs the refrig. system for the salt water refrig. holding tank. We only got about 1.5 hrs. of actual fishing time once we found the school. It started with all blue fin tuna up to 60 lbs. Then we drifted into a school of both blue fin and yellow fin. YF were all nice grade up to 35 lbs. I'm not certain of finale count but, I think it was something like 20+ on BFT and 40 on YF. The trip was due back at dock by 9PM, we got in at 4 PM.The owner was there to meet us and give us all free return trips vouchers. Sorry no pictures this trip. I left the dock a little after 4 PM and got home right at 7 PM.Due to construction on the 5 and rush hr.traffic a 1.5 hr. ride became a 3hr. drive. I called a friend who was waiting at my house and we set right to processing limits of tuna, That took another 3 hrs. Removing skin, blood line and vac. packing. See my picture in upper left corner of me in my recliner, that was me all day.