delevering pups instead of doing yard work


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My lab went into labor this morning 1 boy and 3 girls so far got me out of mowing the lawn, second year in a row she had the pups on my day off


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Great pics

I'll be having mine at the beginning of May......anything but in the middle of the night I'll be happy

Good luck!

Old Quack 49

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Hey Aaron , you NEED one of those pups . For your kids of course , ha ha . Or those tullies . You are getting older and a dog saves wear and tare on the old legs , Old Quack 49


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puppies are cool...

back in the day as a kid I would always help our dogs when they had pups, very cool thing to experience as a kid.


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I have the pups in Riverside, 4 possibly 5 are spoken for sire's pedigree buck as well as Amy's father Vince pic and pedigree is available at