D7 3x3

I shot my biggest buck yet yesterday evening. I have been chasing this guy since archery season and I was finally able to connect with my rifle. It was about a 150 yard shot as he was running uphill away from me and I was able to slip one in just before he went over the top. I tore my calf muscle really bad in the process which made for a really slow hike out in the dark ‍♂ but I still couldn't be happier. This one is going to the taxidermist. View attachment 73347View attachment 73348



sierrahunter1 said:
Love it! I’m just disappointed to see that you don’t have your lucky shirt on during the pack out. Respect the shirt!!!
I was shedding all the layers I could. That pack out nearly killed me. Funny thing is as I was walking out the door before the hunt I realized my lucky shirt wasn't hanging off the back of my pack like it normally is. I ran back inside and grabbed it before I headed out. The lucky shirt strikes again!