Couple Mt lopers


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Figured I would throw ya guys a bone, lot of duck talk and what not around here lately.We decided to give the elk a break(we have had a hell of a elk season so far but that's for another day). We drew lope tags for the same zone that I shot my archery lope in last year. This particular zone is in central Montana and we have seen some great lope over the past few years out that way. At first light we hiked deep into the back country of a 1x1 mile section of state land. My daughter immediately glassed this buck at a little over 500 yards.
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We decided that it was not a safe shot not knowing what was beyond the ridge he was standing on. The plan was to get closer, we dropped down the back side of the ridge and within 10 mins were standing where the buck was but he was gone.From there I glassed 3 good bucks just about to cross the fence on to the public land at about a half mile away. We put a plan together and it just about worked, after quickly moving down a creek bottom we peeked over a rocky outcropping expecting the bucks to be about 200 yards out still along the fence. Instead they were 80 yards to our right and looking at us. I could have easily taken a off hand shot but I tried to get my daughter set up on the rocks with the bi pod but they ran in to another county.

From there we drove about 20 miles to a huge section of block management. After signing in we started down the road, We quickly noted that this was going to be a $h!t show and borderline dangerous. There were antelope everywhere, and orange everywhere. We saw several groups of hunters 3-5 that had completely tagged out buck and doe in one field.One field we actually counted 17 lope on the ground with 14 hunters in the field. There was at least 3 herds of lope still in the field with what i would guess at 50-100 animals. We decided this was not for us and headed to the far section of the property. We found a area with no cars and hiked to the tallest hill. From there we could see several herds out on the flats and I glassed 1 good buck bedded on a hill. We decided to go get lunch.

On the way out we passed the field that the massacre had occurred, most of the hunters were gone and about 500 yards out there were 15-20 lope in a herd with 1 buck. We drove to where they could not see us and got out and split up knowing one of us would get a shot.About 10 mins later I heard a shot. My daughter had gone over the hill and about 300 yards down the ridge there was a injured lope, she decided that even though it was not the type of buck she was looking for she would not let it suffer so she made a perfect shot and it dropped in its tracks.

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After lunch we came back to the far side of the property and I caught a buck just off the road and put a 548 yard shot on him with my daughters 7-08. The buck ran about 400 yards up the face of a hill and got loose footed and laid down. I grabbed the trusty 30-06 and went up fully expecting him to be dead by the time i got there. At about 300 yards I was out of cover and peeked over to see the buck with his head still up. He was facing me but I was 100% confident, been shooting that gun since I was 18, settled the crosshairs on his neck and Kapoow.. 165 grain accubond to the chest and he was done.

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