Cougar Stalks Runner for 6 minutes near Provo, UT


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Much different from my one and only lion encounter. I feel like he should of kept his ground instead of continuously moving. And like mouthcallinmatt said, should have thrown a rock sooner...
Pretty crazy !!
I think the barking, growling, and hissing was what kept this cat on his trail. IMO she knew he was something other than prey or other forest creature but with his actions/ sounds confused her, hence her false charges.
Matt, one of my first thoughts was
“Pick up one of those good sized rocks !” Next thought was “don’t know if I would want to bend down and take me eyes off her for a second!”
His first mistake was continuing to walk forward towards the kittens once he saw them and starting filming.
Very luck young man !
I really don’t have fear when out in nature hunting/hiking; I am usually in such awe of everything! But, cats like that give me a good fear !!!
In 09, two buddys and I were in the mountains outside Coalinga.
A little after sunrise we were sitting on a ridge glassing down into the bottom terrain that was a known pig highway.
I picked up my head from the binoculars and saw some movement straight across this canyon; to see a big male walking side hill slowly and looking directly at us.
I glassed quickly to verify that I was seeing correctly. Out of my mouth came “ Oh *#^* !! Hearing me that cat stopped dead in his tracks; my buddies were asking “ What, you see something?”
Lol !! Yeah, I see something alright !!
That cat stood there motionless
for 2-3 minutes watching us. The cat finally moved downhill in our direction; eventually disappearing into the thick brush.
That was it ! I told my friends I am out of here ! One buddy wanted to stay hoping the cat might flush some pigs out . Other friend wanted to stay in hopes of killing the cat.
I wanted neither; I collected my stuff and proceeded uphill and putting some distance between me and that kitty. It wasn’t a couple minutes later my partners thought better about waiting on a cat they never saw or heard again.
That morning was Day 1, for the next 2 days my head was on a swivel, with visions of that cat !!
Apparently the guy had come across her cubs and was videoing them when mama came back. She was protecting her cubs and driving off a threat. If she was stalking him, he probably wouldn't have known it until she pounced.

I had a mountain lion shadow me once years ago and had no idea until I walked back out. It had rained the night before and washed away all the tracks on the trail. Walking back to the truck, I saw my only my tracks in and an MLs tracks along side them that weren't there when I was. Followed me down the same track for about a 1/4 mile. I don't know how close. Never saw it.