Compare New Mexico Locations


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Hank and Paul, you both relocated to New Mexico. Could you give some perspective as CA transplants about LIVING THERE?

I'm not planning on moving any time soon but I'm curious if I have the right feel about places outside of CA. I figure if i ever relocated I would be hunting out of state as well as being a resident so resident status for hunting is not a huge deal. I'm trying to determine if my gut feeelings from visiting there in 2016 are on or if I only saw a part of what it is really like.

Some blunt non-PC and prying questions about NM in particular....

How is it being a WASP white male in New Mexico?

How is it being "The guy from California" in New Mexico?

How did you find a social circle when you moved out of state?

Did you find a lower cost of living made a difference in your financial social group? I.E. were you considered a "rich guy": when you moved there?

Is there an "attitude" in people in New Mexico?

What is SW CO like and why Northern NM instead of there?

What do your family who are still in CA think about your move to NM.?

Given the choice between Taos, Farmington, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, which Metro area has the best blend of what you find important in Services, Safety and Quality of life ?


Big difference between southern and Northern NM. We looked at both areas, and thankfully I got the "vibe" in southern NM and that is where we moved. As I have mentioned before, I have never for a second regretted the move. I live in a very very rural area, so I can only speak of that. We know our neighbors here and almost never did when I was in CA. Be happy to discuss any of this on the phone. I think you are really trying to dig into the nuances of such a move, and I think it easier done speaking than typing. Just let me know if you want to talk.