Changes in Calico Bass size limits

I was talking to a guy at my Union meeting; he stated that in May of this year CAL DFG raised the size limits for Calicos from 14" to 16". I have looked online but don't see anything regarding changes.

Maybe the guy didn't know what the hell he was talking about ??

You guys/gals no any different ??

We have always had a rule going back to when 12" was legal that the fish had to be 14" to keep. Since the change to 14" legal Calico was implemented, fish now have to be 16" to keep. Most of the fish we catch we release, but every now and then we keep a few for a bbq.

Thanks !!!


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16" is a nice bass. I will say, with my limited experience, when they went to 14, the quality improved. Ed F

Cazador Suerte

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Didn’t suck at all. Was super fun getting a bite on every cast. Was only commenting about the size of the fish. Most were “legal” under the old regs.
I agree Can Suerte, I love just catching them on plastics ! No live bait, just swimsuits and grubs with a strip of squid. We have been catching a bunch of 12" to 14". Just gotta keep weeding thru them in hopes of hooking a gorilla !
Last time out I got broke off (20lb line), 3 times. The first two could have been due to line being chaffed a bit; but the last was definitely a gorilla. I had just re-tied and was going to take one more cast before calling it a night. After casting out I took up the slack and felt a slight jolt, took up the rest of slack and it was on. I tried to get him headed to the the boat, but he was having none of that . So I hit the trolling motor to pull us away from the rocks, only went a bout 6 feet before the line broke. *#^*# !! It was fun while it lasted though !!!


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Nothing like pulling on some calico and releasing them back to fight another day. Size limit has improved the fishing I believe but like stated earlier I just like catching calicos and sandies go back.