Ca bow hunting


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So what caliber of deer are you looking for. As we all know any animal with a bow is a trophy, but would you or could you pass on a smaller deer to wait for that bigger deer that might not ever come by? I have passed on smaller bucks with a rifle but not sure if I would do it with a bow? And im talking about a California bucks....


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I go in waves, sometimes i'm searching for a P&Y buck and will pass up decent bucks...other times i'll stalk any legal buck i can find. Mostly depends on where i'm hunting.

For the opener, i'm after a good/great buck, something over the P&Y minimum. i know the trophy potential is there -saw 3 120" or better blacktails there last year and three in the 140-50 range over the past few years. But that can go out the window in a heartbeat....literally.


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The last several years I have had a personal limit of a solid 3x3 or better with my rifle and it has paid off. I would like to take that limit and aply it to my bow hunts but where I hunt you are likely to see only one or two legal bucks in a season and then to be close enough for a shot with a bow, well thats another story.


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California Blacktail starts at about 120", or something non typical and unique. I get to see a 5-10 120" a day so I am not setting my goal out of reach. It is generally the velvet that makes everything look bigger, so last one ended up at 115" once the velvet was stripped off. I am going to try treating the velvet in the backcountry this year if it works out.


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You have to let the little bucks grow up to reach their potential.......but if your in an area that has lots of pressure and mainly small bucks gota do what you gota dooooooo.


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I base it on what I have taken of the species before. If I see a buck bigger than I have taken before it is going to get shot at.

Though for some (As) that won't work as he has stroked some huge critters and holding out for something bigger than he has on the wall may never happen.

My first animal of the species is whatever is legal...


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Where I hunt we see mostly does. I've passed up one them every year waiting for that one buck.. I keep saying I;m going to take a doe but never do.. Maybe this year


now that my kids are doing just about all the killin...its SPORK CITY!!! if its brown ..its down :beer-toast: