Bowfishing Now Allowed at Lake Perris

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Bowfishing is now allowed by boat in the East End at Lake Perris for invasive species carp and goldfish. These species negatively impact the game fish populations. In an effort to enhance a world class largemouth bass fishery the following has been enacted.
Whereas: Anyone that is participating in bow and arrow fishing at Lake Perris State Recreation area must have a valid State of California fishing license and shall abide by California Code of Regulation Title 14 and State Fish and Game Code Regulations.

The following lands, waters, and facilities of Lake Perris State Recreation Area are hereby permitted for public use as it pertains to bow fishing:Bow and arrow fishing tackle must have the arrow’s shaft or the point, or both securely attached by a line to the bow or to a fishing reel (includes crossbows). Arrows must have a tip designed for bow and arrow fishing, the use of broad heads is prohibited.
Bowfishing is not allowed from shore. Bowfishing is only authorized from a vessel in designated areas of the lake. The established area is inside the 5 MPH zone from east of Power Cove launch ramp to the western end of Bernasconi Day Use Area where the outlet buoy line is established. (See Map).
No other area of the lake is permitted. Bowfishing is not allowed in the open zone of the lake outside of the 5 MPH zone.
Bow and arrow and crossbow fishing gear are considered weapons within the State Park system. When not actively bow fishing, the bow and arrow and crossbow fishing gear must be stored on the vessel at all times. It is acceptable upon arrival to transfer the equipment from a vehicle to the vessel and from a vessel to a vehicle at the conclusion of the day.
All fish taken by bow and arrow SHALL be removed from Lake Perris State Recreation Area in a manner consistent with CCR Title 14 1.87 – Waste of fish. Pursuant to this law, no fish may be wasted or disposed in any trash receptacle or disposed into the lake.
Bowfishing is prohibited within 100 feet of any person or vessel outside the vessel of the bow and arrow hunter.
No person shall harvest, attempt to harvest and/or possess any game fish with the exception of Carp from Lake Perris taken via method of bow and arrow fishing.

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State Park huh, hard pass for me. The last thing I would risk is losing my gear because some hippie saw me pull my bow out of the truck to put in the boat. Good luck with poison and other expensive means, not worth the risk for me in this state.