Bird Quarantine: club contact information


Got this in my inbox today, seems they are at least working allowing some sort've birds to be moved in to Riverside/San Bernardino county. Thought other members of different clubs, who are also effected might want to show their support, or at least keep updated on this quarantine. Contact is Danette Weich ([email protected])

Hi all,

I am writing to this group regarding the use of birds at Prado Regional Dog Park during the quarantine for virulent Newcastle disease in poultry. The use of all birds at Prado Dog Park falls within the confines of this quarantine.

I have been in repeated contact with the state veterinary office and the CDFA permitting office and have discussed our use of birds in dog events with them. I have been verbally told several times that the use of DEAD BIRDS only is permitted and actually does not require a permit from their office. However, I am still working on getting that statement in writing. As of late this afternoon, the written statement task has been turned back over to the state veterinarian by the permitting office and should be forthcoming. I was not given a date for the written statement, so will keep in contact with the state veterinary office until I get something in writing that I can share with all interested clubs. I am sorry that the clubs holding events in April had to change venues as no answer was forthcoming in time for those events.

I do know that while the quarantine is in effect, and there is no way to determine the length of the quarantine, NO live birds will be allowed at events. We have also been discussing how the dead birds will be disposed of after use in the dog events. Our primary discussions on this matter have led me to believe that the practice of allowing club members to take used dead birds home, refreeze and use for training will not be allowed. Other stipulations may also be required.

I am representing the following clubs:
Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles
Golden Retriever Club of America
Labrador Retriever Club of Southern Ca
Great Western Flatcoated Retriever Club
Inland Valley Retriever Club
Prado Basin Hunting Retriever Club

Please let me know if you or your club wants to continue to pursue this or you would prefer to be off this mailing list. If you know of other clubs that plan to hold gun dog events in the quarantine area and are interested in the current regulations please have them contact me.

For information on the quarantine for vND and the quarantine map

Danette Weich DVM
Thanks for posting this.

Man, this is really going to screw up a lot of spring testing and training plans. Hope the quarantine doesn't last long.


My understanding is if the birds are already in the quarantine area, your fine. It's moving them in and out that's the problem. Thus we have had to move 2 of our test to Raney Ranch, Santa Ysabel; out of the affected counties. I heard there's ~150 chukar in the country from a test that didn't take place, I might have to see about purchasing some of them to get us through our May test. After that we are pretty screwed, until the Quarantine is lifted. Rumor is it's in place for 90 days at least, started late last month.
NAVHDA had to move their spring NA test at the last minute as well and cancel the Utility test. I can't imagine how those guys felt.

The interesting thing is that most of Prado (dog training area) is in San Bernardino County. The road through the camping area is (to my eye) roughly the county line. Everything south is Riverside County.


So what is the story at Prado? Do they have any live birds for sale? Are they allowing outside birds?


Prado does not have any birds and is not allowing the use of live birds as of a couple weekend ago. I doubt that has changed but ill find out on Saturday when i go training again.


Good news. If you click on the link in the first post there is a message from July 2 that say they dont know when they will lift the quarantine but that no new cases have been discovered since June 4. This is great news and hopefully they lift it soon.
The good news is that no new cases (confirmed by the USDA web site) have been reported since June 4th , I believe the ban stays in place until 102 days after the last reported case. So I believe that puts us somewhere in October before we can look for the ban to be lifted.

As if we didn't have enough to deal with.
There were new detections as of late December, so don't look for the quarantie to be lifted before May 2020 earliest. Too many people ignoring the quarantine.


As long as they keep testing they'll keep finding this disease. They'll keep testing until they run out of funding. New Castle = Mexico, it's probably been in different places off an on for decades, they just tested found a case and kept at the testing. They also haven't released any of the test results; there's also reports that the people do the testing have spread the disease to new places. People are getting pretty fed up with CA disease control; law-suits are pending. so I bet this dies down soon. It's only been 2-3 years.

January 29, 2020

Virulent Newcastle Disease Update from State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones

Many southern California residents may be wondering why their local feed and pet stores do not have chicks for sale this spring. While virus levels in the region are greatly reduced, VND continues to impact backyard flocks inside the regional quarantine area, as evidenced by the detection of more than 20 new cases this winter. DNA from these recent cases suggests they are all related, most likely from a single source with further spread due to bird movement, lax biosecurity, and commingling at feed and pet stores.

Feed and pet stores provide a critical infrastructure for bird owners. Not only are they a source of feed, equipment and birds, they are also a gathering place for like-minded people where information and experiences can be shared. Unfortunately, this foot traffic also means that some customers may be carrying the virus on their shoes or clothing. When a store with this type of foot traffic also houses poultry, it gives the virus a chance to find a new host and become even more infectious. Keeping poultry, including baby chicks, out of these important community businesses will help the region become VND free.

The best defense against the virus is to continue practicing good biosecurity.

  • Disinfect and change shoes and clothes before and after handling your birds
  • Do not wear clothes and shoes used with your flock to places with poultry or other bird owners
  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Do not handle birds while at feed or pet stores
  • Disinfect anything purchased at the store before introducing it to your flock (feeders, waters, etc.)
Be aware of the signs of VND in your flock and report any sick birds to the CDFA Sick Bird Hotline (1-866-922-2473) right away.