Been awhile...return of dads 270


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I thought this place died a slow death. Glad Jason revived it. I’ve not been out much, nursing a back issue and constant sciatica. Two level fusion coming soon. It prevented me from returning to Kodiak in September. Most here know the story of my fathers pre 64 model 70 he left me after he died, and the handful of hand loads he loaded in 1971 that I’ve used to kill some bucks over the last few years.

I drew a desert zone again this year and took dads rifle for a stroll. Started the morning at 0530 with a few norco that I chewed and washed down with a good pull of brown. Takes about an hour to kick in, but takes the bite off and makes it manageable for 4-5 hours. First day saw several does and a small buck a long way away.

That night the wind really picked up and temps nosedived. It was mean cold, sleeping on the cot under the stars. Next morning same routine, and I’m limping around the desert freezing my butt off. I pick up a few does and then spot a couple of forks with them. They are over 300, which is about my limit. I make a move to close the gap a little and find them again.

Find a good boulder to set up on and lay out my pack. I then find a little better buck looking at me. He’s at 228 yards. I wait him out for a few minutes and for him to turn a little and send it.

He just collapses...DRT.

Felt good to get one..glad I had a buddy to help.


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Way to go pop. Sounds like you put in hard work to bag him. Healthy looking animal, well not so much now.