Bad start to a great day


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Well Saturday morning started off pretty bad. While walking out in the pond my right foot fills up with water. Seems my Cabela's Dry Plus waders finally gave out. These waders have lasted me over 15 years. These were my first pair of breathable boot foot waders. Prior I used neoprene then breathable stocking foot.
I will be laying these waders down to rest this afternoon. (Actually I'll cut the boots off to make waterproof bibs)

The day got better from there as we got into a teal trifecta and my buddy finally got his first BWT!


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Just saw Roger's is having a sale on waders Ron.

Great day is right! I shot a drake bluewing 6 years ago on the opener but it was so eclipsed you could hardly tell it was a bluewing. Finally got another another one on Friday. This time I got the pair. Crazy how many have been shot this year down there. My trifecta wasn't a pretty as yours. Got a hen cinn & gwt as well.


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Nice! Still haven't taken my gun off safety. At least I don't have to clean it...other than the mud on the buttpad!


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Still waiting my my first drake BW (56 years hunting)

I had one last Wed fly right to me.... 5 min after I had limited! Argh

Wished him well as he and I shared a ‘look’.