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haven't seen anybody talking about this so thought i would say a few words. thinking about this being my girls first gun a tokarev. what do you guys think? either that or something small like a 380. kel tec or a ruger p94/95 something subcompact to compact was thinking about a colt detective i saw at the gunshop for $250 but i like the idea of fast reloading with automatics. thanks!


when I am in the buying market of a gun I ask my self this each time,

way am I buying this gun
1. self deference, if this is the reason then I am going to choice the gun that is rated the most reliable and that will shot just about any kind of ammo. Meaning when I shot this gun it most like because I am defending my or my family life. it better not jam or miss fire.

2. is this for hunting, then I am looking for the gun that will hold the tightest group. and how much it weights is a factor, how is the recoil?

3. target practice, looking for the cost per shot, as last week I shot over 250 rounds and depending on the gun that can be a weeks worth of pay check..

dont pick on because it looks bad assss or because it sexy. buy the one that is going to do the job best for you and all guns are not equal, I would look used and get to know your prices before you get to in love with one, no need to spend more then you have to

john james

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its gonna be hd i got rifles and the gauge for hunting. thinking about maybe a revolver 38. or a sub compact 9mm no need to get anything bigger really with all these new fangled super magic bullets they got these days. can't really get used since the only gun store locally is way overpriced and understocked like i said and i wouldn't want to give the owner my money he's s real snob.