45 colt vs 357 mag for bear

john james

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Cazador Suerte said:
Do you still have that job?
i know i should lie but i keep it 100. i kind of half quit half got let go but had another interview at a place down the street yesterday and applied to another place just bought some more survival food. do you think it would be over the top to get one of those mirrors that attach to your backpack that acts as a rear view mirror? so i would never have to look back if i thought there was something behind me? i was thinking 357 also for those reasons although people still seem to be voting for the 45 a little bit more.


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Rearview mirror for backpacking?

The best ones are the ones that attach to your cycling helmet, but your window licker helmet probably has the same attachment points. Good luck kid, we are rooting for you and your recto-cranial removal...


Seriously, Here in CA I'd get a couple of cans of good bear spray and learn how to use them correctly. There was a study a couple of years ago on the recorded bear attacks in North America, and where bear spray was used 90% of the people were unharmed whereas it dropped down to less than 50% unharmed when a firearm was used (if I remember right). The key with either is to know how to use it and HAVE IT EASILY ACCESSIBLE!!! Neither will do you any good if they are in the bottom of your pack or even inside a zipped up compartment.

The big key is to be aware of your surroundings and look and SEE what is going on around you. Also follow the proper protocol for camping in bear country regarding food prep and storage. Not really a big deal.